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Some history
ADER is a major Auction Houses Auction France.
Founded in 1692 in Paris, the study is an institution of the art market.
Spurred auctioneers Maurice LAIR-Dubreuil, Etienne ADER
Remi Ader, it marked the twentieth century with the legendary sales David-Weill, André Lefèvre, Sacha Guitry, Rothschild, Patino, etc..
Since 2005, under the direction of David Nordmann, the ADER house knows a new development. With more than 20% growth each year, a young team and dynamic, she wrote one of the most beautiful pages of its history.

Favart street

The parent company is located rue Favart in Paris, in front of the Opera Comique, a few
no Drouot. The location is not trivial. Favart street was indeed the headquarters
Ader throughout the twentieth century study. The study occupies large space, elegant and
functional and has its own exhibition space or auction.

Madeleine Michelis Street

Since May 2013, Ader moved into new offices in Neuilly sur Seine, at 42 rue Madeleine Michelis.
The second antenna aims to improve the quality of our customer relationships
offering a genuine local service. You may leave objects, tables,
jewelry and furniture, make an appointment for your inventory or expertise, consult catalogs, leave orders ...
ADER annually organizes over 50 cataloged sales in all specialties and the whole team is at your disposal to guide you and support you in the mysterious and fascinating world of the art market.

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