BEY. Austerlitz. The exemplary victory. Éditions... - Lot 56 - Ader

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BEY. Austerlitz. The exemplary victory. Éditions... - Lot 56 - Ader
BEY. Austerlitz. The exemplary victory. Éditions Quatuor, 2005, in-4, cardboard box. ed. under used boxing Numbered copy. - RENEMONT & BONNAL. Essling & Wagram. Quartet, 2009. Numbered example. - PAWLY. The great imperial headquarters. Paris, Quatuor, 2006, in-4, full red canvas, cover reported on the 1st plate. - GRASSET. The Spanish Campaign. 1807-1814. Paris, Quatuor, 2009, 2 vol. in-4, full red canvas, covers reported on the dishes in Volume 1 and title reported on the 1st dish in Volume 2. Numbered example. - ROCCO. From Mondovi to Borodino. S.l., Quatuor, n.d., in-4, full red canvas, covered on the dishes. With 48 boards. - BROWSE. Boards. From Marengo to Waterloo. S.l., Quartet. - CAMPAIGNS OF Italy as seen by contemporary painters. Paris, Quatuor, 2010, in-4, cardboard under case.
- MOLIERES. The 1809 campaign. Paris, Le Livre chez vous, 2003, in-4, cardboard. ed. under cover ill. - BROWN. Bonaparte and his army after Marengo. Salon de Provence, Château de l'Emperi, n.d., in-4, half red basane binding, smooth back, insulated. Reproduction of 22 miniatures in

Set of 9 vol.

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