HENNING (Marcus). Tirolensium. Principium...

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HENNING (Marcus). Tirolensium. Principium...

HENNING (Marcus).
Tirolensium. Principium Comitum. ab an. [no] Virg: partus M CC. XXIX. usq[ue] ad Ann. MDC Genuinae Eicones.
Singulor [um] insignia, Quorundam Emblemata...

Augsburg (Augustae Vindelicorum): Hans Schultes (Johannes Praetorius), Dominicus Custos, 1599 [On colophon]. - Small folio, 280 x 187: (37 ff.). Ivory vellum, smooth spine

, blue edges (18th century binding). A
rare original edition, dedicated to Emperor Rudolf II, of this beautiful work on the chronology of the Counts of
Tyrol from 1229 to 1599, the

work of the neo-Latin poet and humanist Marcus Henning (15..-16..), author of the text and praise, and the Flemish artist and engraver Dominicus Custos (1560-1612) who composed the epistle

and produced the engravings.

The illustration consists of an engraved title, an engraving for the epistle, a heraldic engraving, an allegorical engraving and 28 full-length portraits of the Counts of Tyrol from Albert IV (1190-1253) to

Rudolf II (1552-1612).
Copy enriched with
several plates, namely

:- 14 equestrian portraits from the 17th century, including 13 numbered portraits of Dutch governors, and one depicting Albrect von Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland (1583-1634) with General Pappenheim during the capture of Prague on May 25, 1632 during the Thirty Years' War. The first two portraits are scorched and restored, the

last one is lined.

- Series of 16 double-page plates from the early 17th century, depicting maps, plans and two figures referring to the 80 Years War, known as the Revolt of the Netherlands. All these boards are scorched, one of them is torn

without missing.

- 12 double-page plates of military exercises and illustrations on the art of warfare, dating from the 17th century. These plates are numbered from 2 to 12; the first engraving is missing and the second is duplicated.



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