THOMAS D'AQUIN (Saint). Summa, secunda secundae....

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THOMAS D'AQUIN (Saint). Summa, secunda secundae....

Summa, secunda secundae.
Venice: [Leornhard Wild], 1479. - In-folio, 282 x 199: (329 ff. of 332). [sig. ()8 a-i10 k-l12 m-t10 v12 x10 (over 12, mq x6 and x7) y10 1-710 8-98 109 (over 10 mq the last blank)]; car. goth., two col. of 51 lines. - Brown calf, spine ribbed, speckled edges (17th century binding).

BMC, V, pp. 264-265. - Hain, 1463. - Pellechet, 1053.

rare incunabulum edition of the part entitled Secunda secundae of the theological sum of Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274


The latter was a Dominican religious, master in theology. Having become aware of the intellectual revolution which had been taking place in the West since the beginning of the 13th century, under the influence of pagan and especially Aristotelian philosophy, he had set himself the goal of elaborating an authentic philosophy and then rethinking, with the help of this philosophy, all the theological problems. In this, the philosophy developed by Thomas Aquinas is to be considered as the first worthy of the name that Christian civilization has produced.

Among the many works he composed, the Summa Theologica is undoubtedly the most important, begun in 1266 and still unfinished. It is a theological and philosophical treatise divided into three distinct parts. The first deals with God and creation, the second, itself divided into two sections, studies morality in general (first section) and morality in particular (second section), that is, what man must do to reach God, and the third deals with Christ, the sacraments and the final ends, that is, the means by which we can fulfill our destiny.

This edition gives the text of the second section of the second part, concerning the study of morals in particular. It examines 189 questions. Thomas Aquinas "relates all morality to the virtues, which he classified into two categories: the the theological virtues, which are faith, hope and charity, and the cardinal virtues, whic
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