BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869). L.A.S. " H. Berlioz",... - Lot 1103 - Ader

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BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869). L.A.S. " H. Berlioz",... - Lot 1103 - Ader
BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869). L.A.S. " H. Berlioz", 6 February 1859, to Alfred-Auguste CUVILLIER-FLEURY; 2 pages in-8 .he thanks him for sending his "two volumes [Dernières études historiques et littéraires (M. Lévy, 1859)] and the chapter ["M. Hector Berlioz en Italie", taking up a study of 1845 on Berlioz's musical Voyage in Germany and Italy] which you have kindly consecrated to me! I reread it with an almost childish pleasure, if there is any childishness in the feeling one gets when one sees oneself praised by you. Ah, you speak of my verve! It is yours that is marvellous! I am at the most a heavy German locomotive, you are the American locomotive which makes its twenty-five leagues per hour by throwing torrents of sparks without letting any smoke escape " ... Excerpts in Correspondence, t. V, p. 651, and t. VIII, p. 470 (no. 2349).
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