GOUNOD Charles (1818-1893). L.A.S. "Ch. Gounod",...

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GOUNOD Charles (1818-1893). L.A.S. "Ch. Gounod",...

GOUNOD Charles (1818-1893).
L.A.S. "Ch. Gounod", [circa 1865], to his "dear Marie"; 3 pages in-8 on
blue paper.

He thanks his friends for their "considerate hospitality", he returned ten times to Verrières. "My business does not go as fast as my thoughts: in fact, it is not even going at all at the moment: I once went to the ministry, I found no one there, neither minister nor chief of staff. I think that the hunting party in Compiègne puts all these people up in the air. However the tems works and with it the inconveniences of a situation that is getting worse for me with every day that I am late. - We had here again an alert on the health of Mr. Dubufe father: the three of us went this morning to see him in the countryside, he is better at the moment. - What about my Bertha? Are you working? Do you exercise every day? You can't interrupt what you want to do for profit. Our colds are beginning to pass: that of my John has completely disappeared "


L.A.S. is attached to a lady, March 3, 1890, about the "Song of St. Theresa" (1 p. in-8)

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