[METZ - GLUCKEL DE HAMELN ]Business letters... - Lot 86 - Ader

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[METZ - GLUCKEL DE HAMELN ]Business letters... - Lot 86 - Ader
[METZ - GLUCKEL DE HAMELN ]Business letters from relatives of Gluckel de Hameln - Jobst GOLDSCHMIDT (1597-1677), 1 p. handwritten in German, 25 x 20 cm. Dated April 10, 1646 and signed Jobst Goldschmidt at lower right. This letter concerning the grain trade is addressed to Lieutenant-Colonel Jobst Ludolf Von Landsberg by Jobst Goldschmidt. Jobst Goldschmidt, father-in-law of Gluckel of Hameln was a wealthy court Jew of the Prince of Hanover. Gluckel, who was married to his son, described him in his memoirs as a just and charitable man who got up every night to study the Talmud. - Nathan SPANIER (1575-1646), 1 p. manuscript in German, 32 x 19 cm. Dated 1626 and signed. In it Spanier acknowledges receipt of interest from 18 Thaler on a loan of 300 Thaler to Otrab von Landsberg. Spanier was the grandfather of Gluckel de Hameln's husband. On his grave in Altona, the epitaph suivante  reads: " Ci- lies the dear Nathan, son of Moses Spanier, president and leader of the Jewish community in the country of Schaumburg ". - Nathan Spanier and Jobst Goldschmidt, 1 p. manuscript in German, 33 x 20 cm. Circa 1629. Grain bill. Slight lack of paper affecting a word at the end of the document. - Mosche GOLDSCHMIDT, 1 p. handwritten in German, 18,5 x 20 cm. Dated 1666 and located Stadthagen. Letter from Mosche Goldschmidt to Lieutenant-Colonel Jobst concerning silver belts. Moshe Goldschmidt, the elder brother of Gluckel's husband from Hameln, met a tragic end, he was attacked by bandits on his way to his wedding, loaded with presents. On joint : A Yiddish postcard addressed to Louis Goldfarb, Metz . Postmarked 1890. Loss of paper affecting the text at the corners. Key words: judaica, jewish, jewish, rabbis, jewish, torah, hebrew, hebraica, judaism, synagogue, zionism, pessah, pessach, haggada, haggadah, hagada, hagadah, passover, menora, menorah, hannuka, hannuca, hannucca, hannuccah, torah, juden, israelite, israelite, israel, antisemitism, antisemitism, dreyfus, meguila, sepharad, sefarad, ketubah
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