Kneeling young man with a cup and fruit,... - Lot 195 - Ader

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Kneeling young man with a cup and fruit,... - Lot 195 - Ader
Kneeling young man with a cup and fruit, Safavid Iran, Esfahan, mid-17th centuryWash
and gold on an album page depicting a young man wearing a large white turban and a green fur-collared cloak tied at the waist with an imposing coloured belt, kneeling on the ground in front of a gold-plated cup and holding a golden cup and fruit. Mounted in a margin with several illuminated frames, the first lined with rectangular cartouches inscribed with Persian verses in nasta'liq calligraphy in black ink on a salmon-coloured background enhanced with golden scrolls, the second with a frieze of golden palmettes on a midnight-blue background, then the main margin illuminated with large golden scrolls decorated with blossoming flowers and serrated leaves.
Dim. miniature: 16,2 x 9,4 cm; page: 34,1 x 22,9 cmBends
, some stains and polychromatic jumps, page pasted on cardboard
"TR 267.475 53/61" written on the back in pencil.

Nasli Heeramaneck Collection, circa 1973

Publication :
Pratapaditya Pal, Islamic Art, The Nasli M. Heeramaneck Collection, Los Angeles, 1973, cat.227, pp.133-4

A kneeling youth holding a cup and a fruit, Safavid Iran, Isfahan, mid-17th century

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