Earthenware bowl with green glaze decoration,... - Lot 252 - Ader

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Earthenware bowl with green glaze decoration,... - Lot 252 - Ader

Earthenware bowl with green glaze decoration, Abbasid Iraq, Basra, 9th century

A large earthenware bowl on a circular foot decorated with four green glazes on a white background.

Diameter: 19.9 cm; height: 5.6 cm


A splash-painted earthenware bowl, Abbasid Iraq, 9th century

Provenance: Philippe Magloire Collection.


Philippe Magloire Collection: lots 252 to 275

A former petroleum geologist, nothing predestined Philippe Magloire to collect Islamic ceramics. But a six-year professional mission to Tehran in May 1972 changed the course of his life. Between his exciting work and his frantic hunting trips, the scientist began to take an interest in the art objects of his adopted country, fascinated by their creation techniques. With his wife, he built up a first collection of bronzes from Luristan and Islamic ceramics. Deciding to return to France after witnessing the Iranian Revolution, the couple had the idea of opening a gallery in Paris. 13 Place des Vosges became the new setting for these first acquisitions and the place of a new commercial activity of great enthusiasts. Philippe Magloire's expertise, already rich in field experience and a unique scientific background, grew with time and objects, but also through strong encounters with personalities in the field such as the Soustiel family or Marie-Christine David. He then became an expert in Islamic art with the French Union of Professional Experts in Art Objects (SFEP) and with the Court of Appeal of Paris. He is also a member of the French Society for the Study of Oriental Ceramics (SFECO) of which he was one of the presidents (2016-2018). It is in homage to a 40-year friendship with Marie-Christine David, woven around a common passion, that Philippe Magloire is today entrusting part of his collection to the sale.

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