Jean DUBUFFET (1901-1985) painter. 7 L.A.S.,... - Lot 17 - Ader

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Jean DUBUFFET (1901-1985) painter. 7 L.A.S.,... - Lot 17 - Ader
Jean DUBUFFET (1901-1985) painter. 7 L.A.S., 4 L.S. and 11 autograph notes (one signed), [1948]-1960 and n.d., to Sibille Boffard; 23 pages in various formats, 2 on her letterhead. Enclosed are the facsimile postcard for the Art Brut exhibition at René Drouin (October 11, 1949); the prospectus on pink paper for the exhibition of La Métromanie (February 4, 1950, small tear); 2 l.a.s. by Lili Dubuffet, and one l.a.s. by Alexandre Vialatte (1964), in Sibille; a group photograph with Dubuffet and Sibille (countertype); plus various other documents. A beautiful set to her neighbour and friend the weaver Sibille Boffard. [Sibille Boffard, "little good woman of nothing at all but a sacred figure", had a weaving workshop in the courtyard of 89 rue de Vaugirard; Dubuffet had her workshop almost opposite 114 bis. "She became a sort of secretary who did everything, taking care of his shopping, classifying his production, providing him with tons of old bookies which he used to wipe his brushes, or rather the incongruous objects in their place, running through the asylums in search of drawings by the insane for his museum of art brut" (Walter Lewino)]. El Goléa 23 January [1948]. "Warm and friendly memories to you and Alexandre Vialatte, and our friends Delorme, and Lemaître, and Lévino and Pelletier, and nice innkeepers Pierre and Madame [...] It is extremely cold here. Whoever expects to find heat here is terribly mistaken. One lives wrapped in the ample and heavy burnous, which deprives one of the use of one's arms, and the hood prevents one from seeing, and from moving one's head. The people live with their asses glued to the sand, waiting. The sand is everywhere historied of prints and signs. Traces of asses, footprints, writings and manipulations, droppings, cores and debris, in which one reads and looks at all the time, without which one dissolves like sugar in coffee"... El Goléa 22 April [1949]. "Travelling is like hunting marsh birds - consisting of long, tedious times, inconvenience and annoyance - that are occasionally rewarded with a good catch. Travelling to countries that are very uncomfortable for body and mind has this advantage over others, and makes them more likely to enjoy the return. We have been waiting for several days for a bus "... Paris Sunday, May 15, 1949. A solution that would satisfy everyone: "We could institute two kinds of marriages. A marriage of the current model that can be easily divorced in case of need; and plus another that is strictly indivisible for those who risk everything"... Monday morning. Enthusiasm after a feast; it's been a long time since he had such a good time. "And this current of lively friendship established between the five guests, how good it was. Your friend Madame Teuzé, my compatriot by marriage, very spiritual and very endearing woman, please give her my best regards. I have the warmest friendship for Bissière and Vialatte. All this is unforgettable and one of the best moments of my life... Wednesday [early 1954]. He asked him to "lend a little grey gouache you have of me, which represents a man sniffing a carnation, for an exhibition to be held at the Cercle Volney [...] It is organized by René Drouin..." Friday, March 11 [1955]. He gives his caretaker drawing supplies for Berthomier and Costa [interned in Ville-Évrard], and draws a map to help find Mrs. Bataille's pavilion at the Ville-Evrard Hospital... Plus a typed sheet of "Démarches en cours à l'Hôpital de Ville-Evrard": names of members of the nursing staff or patients, in order to collect samples of art brut... Monday, thanking for directories that will be "very useful to him. I am interrupted for the moment in my work by a lumbago of the worst kind that keeps me at home in its crab claw. [...] I didn't know Vialatte had this good deal. Good for him! So he probably published a book ... Wednesday. List of commissions and instructions, crossed out by Sibille: frosting a large tile in his workshop, taking to the photographer Bonhotal two drawings of Art Brut "representing species of hippopotamus and which are admirable", inquiring about the reproduction of architectural plans ... Saturday, for the purchase of envelopes "similar to the one sent last night to Bissière" ... Vence July 13, 1955. Thanks for the yearbook: "I am always very eager for these supplies of paper to wipe my brushes and instruments and I consume a lot of it. We often think of you who have been so painfully tested, I hope that life is not too hard for you I wish it with affection. Lili's health is not too bright and her constant and long-lasting bouts of melancholy often make the house a gloomy place. [...] Many worries and problems. Yet I work quite assiduously "... Paris April 15, 1960. "I do not understand p
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