Ennius-Quirinus VISCONTI (1751-1818), archaeologist,... - Lot 35 - Ader

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Ennius-Quirinus VISCONTI (1751-1818), archaeologist,... - Lot 35 - Ader
Ennius-Quirinus VISCONTI (1751-1818), archaeologist, first curator of antiquities at the Louvre Museum. L.A.S. and P.A., Rome 1st Vendémiaire VII (22 September 1798), to Joseph-Antoine Florens (17621842), commissioner of the Executive Directory of the French Republic in Rome; 10 pages and a quarter in-fol. and 4 pages in-4, envelope with red wax seal. Two issues of the Monitore di Roma (Nos. 60 and 62), attacking Visconti, are enclosed and attached by the latter to his letter. Long justification of his conduct. Visconti, object of a cabal under the Roman Republic, defends himself to Florens. Attacked on his honesty, in particular by Jean Bassal, wrongly suspected of having become very rich from real estate, and let go by his government counterparts, Visconti writes to the Fathers of the Roman Republic: Daunou, Monge and Florens. He goes back over the details of the affair and denounces the intrigue led by Bassal "who wanted to get rid of an obstacle to his embezzlement, his venalities, his corruptions of all kinds [...] all this is well known to you. "He also mentions important personalities in Rome: the consuls Angelucci, Matthadis, Reppi and Parnazzi, Corona, a member of the Tribunate, as well as Pierelli, Rey and Callisti. Visconti was thus reproached for having become rich through real estate; he is mentioned to have made "patriotic" purchases, that is to say, purchases of ancient buildings of religious congregations... - Attached note entitled "State of Visconti's acquisitions since the 22nd of Pluviusa in the 6th day of the Rome revolution, after which he was provisional Minister of the Interior and consul for six months", giving details of his acquisitions, with commentary : "He was so far from hiding these acquisitions that he immediately had them declared the true acquirer by public deeds"...
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