Firmin GÉMIER (1869-1933) actor and director,... - Lot 50 - Ader

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Firmin GÉMIER (1869-1933) actor and director,... - Lot 50 - Ader
Firmin GÉMIER (1869-1933) actor and director, first director of the Théâtre National Populaire. 8 L.A.S., [1896-1901] and n.d., to Jules Huret; 21 pages in various formats, most with headings, including a Renaissance Theatre. Direction Gémier, 2 envelopes. Attached are 2 telegrams and the minute a.s. of a reply from Huret, November 18, 1896. Monday [September 14, 1896]. He complains that Huret did not support him when Ginisty tries to "get rid of Antoine's friends" at the Odeon: "there are enough mufles to overwhelm the defeated".... Boulogne s / mer [1897?]. Stay in Boulogne; his affection is not a "calculation": "for a mutt it's enormous to be the friend of the theatrical courier of this big duck", but he admires Huret for his "courage to break in visor with the muffles"... Before getting involved with Decourcelle, he wants to know what Antoine plans to do with him: "what we will play at his place will be much more interesting than what we will play elsewhere. That will perhaps not last but at least we will make there, during this little time, beautiful things "... - Aix-les-Bains [July 1899]. "Paulus is such a cad and such a liar! "»... Friday. He worries about the leaks of his project in the press; he speaks of "the Dolley kid", who is of the same strength as Eugénie Buffet, but not of the Duse; then, the a.s. of Louise Dolley... Etc.
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