André MESSAGER (1853-1929). 27 L.A.S., 1888-1892,... - Lot 55 - Ader

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André MESSAGER (1853-1929). 27 L.A.S., 1888-1892,... - Lot 55 - Ader
André MESSAGER (1853-1929). 27 L.A.S., 1888-1892, by Léonce Détroyat; 46 pages in various formats. Beautiful ensemble, notably on Madame Chrysanthème, a lyrical comedy by Messager based on a libretto by Hartmann and Alexandre, after Pierre Loti, premiered on 30 January 1893 in the new Théâtre Lyrique directed by Détroyat. 3 May [1889]. He had to give up working with Détroyat: a former collaborator reminded him of his promise to set a ballet to music, and "this ballet becomes an opera of which Gallet becomes the collaborator"... 7 May. "It is not a question of knowing whether or not I feel the Georgian, but of the obligation to keep a commitment made previously, for a piece in which Mr Gallet is also a collaborator "... 11 July 1892. " Chrysanthemum that you have already asked me for for the opening of your theatre, have you forgotten it? "... It emphasizes the play's 'tender and picturesque note', and the fashion for Japanese style... July 22nd. Short script of Chrysanthemum, with its requirements for the lead roles, the orchestra and the conductor. "You can see it's not a difficult play to put together. It is both cheerful and sentimental, with a touch of drama.... A theatre of somewhat reduced proportions, like the Renaissance will suit it well..." October 3. On the cast, the drawings of the sets for Cornil, and the engraving of the score... Tuesday evening [12 October], about the models and costumes of Madame Chrysanthème... 14 October. Miss Rohdé has "a passionate voice and physique. She is a Carmen, a Margared of the King of Ys, but it cannot be ingenuity", as Oyouki... October 21. We can't play every day, and to delay the opening of the theater to January 15, with "a repertory play to make our tomorrows, because, between us, Daphnis won't be ready ... [October 31]. Miss White is not the woman for the part. "To double Chrysanthemum she will be perfect, but precisely because of this we must not make her create the second role; she would look like a handyman...". Instead, he suggests "Miss Marcella Pregi, the one who sings Damnation in Column"... [5 November], about the costumes... 11 November. "I'm overwhelmed with visits from the people we've auditioned and who are still waiting for answers! "... November 11th. Martapoura "wouldn't ask for anything better than to create the role of Yves, but I found it very big, very heavy and, moreover, very worried about the dialogue and the comedy side of the work, which is not very reassuring"... 4 December. "I'm having Miss Guy and Delaquerrière rehearse the 4th act and I've asked Sandré to ask you to temporarily hand over the role of Yves to Monsieur Jacquin..."... This is only a test, which he wishes to see succeed: "It's a big sacrifice on our part! We've ended up having Delaquerrière as the name known to the Parisian public for all the soup on the poster! - We went to see the sets at Ménessier. Besides the fact that he generally misunderstood them, it's quite common! "... And it is necessary to replace Mrs. Caisso, who sings Mrs. Prune "with the seriousness of a pope" ... January 13, 1893. Pray that M. Sandré will do the next orchestra rehearsal, "so that he knows the score so that he can conduct after the 1st! "... Etc. There is also a lot of talk about Pierre Loti... Plus a telegram.
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