Raoul PUGNO (1852-1914). 11 L.A.S., 1906-1913,... - Lot 62 - Ader

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Raoul PUGNO (1852-1914). 11 L.A.S., 1906-1913,... - Lot 62 - Ader
Raoul PUGNO (1852-1914). 11 L.A.S., 1906-1913, to his agent Albert Gutmann, in Vienna; 17 pages in various formats, most of them at his address of La Maison Blanche in Gargenville or with hotel letterheads (file holes). On the pianist's tours and concerts. Gargenville September 18, 1906. After having played in Elberfeld, Prague and Vienna, he could play in Budapest on November 23 and 28, before going to London for December 1st (the Queen's Hall, with orchestra). He is "eager to play again in Budapest", and sets the price ... Metz November 3. He adds Liszt's XIIIth Rhapsody to his programme, deleting Franck's Prelude, chorus and fugue, if there is a singer... Gargenville 16 and 24 September 1911. "It will be a great pleasure for me to play again with the Concert Verein in Munich. Excellent audience - excellent orchestra - excellent conductor "... He proposes two dates, " because I already have more than 70 concerts registered "... " Stamp: one thousand marks ... Gargenville 2 August and 5 September 1912. He recalls his request for engagements in Germany "in connection with Schwerin's concerts", and asks which of Fauré's two quartets he should play there... Request for details of a recital in Berlin: he recalls that his promise of concerts in Northern Germany determined him to accept Schwerin "with a ridiculous fee"... Etc. Saint Petersburg, to a master and friend. "I have just arrived from Odessa, Kieff and Kharkow, and my desire was to go immediately to kiss you. But, having to play tonight, and with this abominable weather, I think it would be more prudent not to leave my room - especially as I am quite tired..."...
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