Raymond ABELLIO (1907-1986). 30 L.A.S., 1948-1965,... - Lot 71 - Ader

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Raymond ABELLIO (1907-1986). 30 L.A.S., 1948-1965,... - Lot 71 - Ader
Raymond ABELLIO (1907-1986). 30 L.A.S., 1948-1965, to Yvonne JUILLET; 48 pages in-8 or in-4 (including 3 typescripts with autogr. additions, one incomplete from the beginning). Important friendly, literary, philosophical and artistic correspondence. Yvonne JUILLET was a painter, and pupil of the painter Léon Detroy; she was the niece of Albert Thibaudet, and friend of Jean Paulhan. Most of this correspondence dates from 1949 to 1951, when Abellio was in exile in Switzerland. The letters are often signed with the initials "R.A." or his real first name "Georges" (R. Abellio being the pseudonym of Georges Soulès). He encourages Yvonne for her painting. He talks about her life in exile, her precarious health, her books and her work on the Bible, her readings, her steps to be able to return to France, etc. Both share an interest in esoteric research. We can only give here a quick overview of these letters, which are often long. October 9 and 11, 1948, information and useful addresses for Yvonne Juillet's artistic activity; he recommends her to a textile manufacturer . 24.XII.1948. "I work hard, pushing as hard as I can during my free time. I would like to get my work on the Bible out before 3 months (the manuscript is understood, because the delays of edition, alas!...) Les Yeux d'E. [The Eyes of Ezekiel are open] are in press. ... all the fine projects I had made to become an eminent aesthetician have fallen through"; he speaks of the Gardens, "so nice" ... March 7, 1949, about Georges Hilaire's book, Les Lauriers inutiles, "on aesthetics or rather on "a fine arts policy". ...] It is a sort of complete and reasonable overview of what France should be doing at this time. Paulhan reads the manuscript... October 15, 1949. The release of Ezekiel is delayed.... "I sent Paulhan a paper on Lucifer. I hope he will pass it on in the Cahiers de la Pléiade. It is a kind of manifesto, which may not please many, nor him, Paulhan. ...you have to take it one step at a time and get rid of all the heterogeneous paperwork that clutters up the table. It's not good to have too many plans. [...] Here you meet a 17-year-old girl who's taking up your job: so far she's been doing abstract painting spontaneously. I hear Coco Chanel has given her some sensational tips. Would you like (if you don't already have it) an introduction to the said Chanel? Her best friend lives here and will give me this for you [...] I'm not homesick, but I'd like a bath in Parisian electricity, without Parisians. ...] I haven't read anything interesting in three months, except Merleau-Ponty, which I will pick up again in a little while..." July 3, 1950. "For the past six months I have been obliged to work quite hard inside [...] I am at the moment when everything in me is organized around the problem of women, because it is undoubtedly the most important [...] the most demanding, touching here, as everywhere, on the greatest fidelity, one can only move forward by strongly deciding to accept nothing but the Absolute. ...] I work in the Pit of Babel. It will be a long time"... May 30, 1951. "Burdensome loneliness, yes. But heavy cohabitation too. We are already nomads. We are the new Israelites, and we will see it when our temples are destroyed, from the Daybreak to Charenton... June 27th. "I read books on metaphysics. ...] Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Jaspers etc. before returning to SPINOZA, who will once again become a very great man, the only profound moralist in the West. [...] I have had a disappointing experience in Buddhism for 3 months. No, it's not for me. Even the Zen that I think I understand (intellectually) doesn't grab me body and soul "... Etc.
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