Guillaume APOLLINAIRE (1880-1918). L.A.S.... - Lot 73 - Ader

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Guillaume APOLLINAIRE (1880-1918). L.A.S.... - Lot 73 - Ader
Guillaume APOLLINAIRE (1880-1918). L.A.S. "Gui", Nîmes 23 February 1915, to his mistress Louise de Coligny-Châtillon, "Lou"; 2 pages in-4 with the letterhead of the Café Tortoni in Nîmes (small slit in the middle horizontal fold, tiny tear under the signature). Beautiful love letter to Lou. [At this time, Apollinaire had just met Madeleine Pagès, but he still has more than tenderness for Lou, who remains a source of inspiration. They will see each other one last time on March 28th in Marseilles, but their epistolary exchange will continue for another year]. "My little Lou [...] You are with Toutou [Gustave Toutaint, Lou's other lover], very happy and I am very happy. Nice letter. I doubt very much that you had any bad adventures. Finally I'll see you on March 1st and I'm happy. Your behind has been bleeding for eight days. A horse harder than the others didn't cut it. Afraid to go out with a platoon leader's license, but second can. cond. ...because I don't think they give me any rank at the depot anymore, but on the front line. It's hard with the batteries attached, but in the end, I'll soon be promoted to the front. [...] Loves and adores you. 2 formulas that summarize me but if not wise, you'll see, will be severe Lou like a tutor on his undisciplined student. Very nice weather. I found a nice apartment for you and your little dogs. To console me for your absence I called Lou my white mare. [...] Your letters from the forehead not very tender. You don't like to write nasty, Lou. [...] I'm happy about the good prospects you're announcing. I'm glad. Long live victory. Don't feel so much like a soldier, that's what we're here for. Feel the soul of a nice, obedient little Lou. And I think you've been rudely undisciplined in the army. I kiss you, love you as you love me, if you love me I love you, if not at all, but in the meantime I adore you with all the strength that the sun of Nîmes gives me and the equestrian exercises that we do every day. Take all the Mistletoe from you "
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