Jean COCTEAU. 3 L.A.S., Paris 1932-1933,... - Lot 90 - Ader

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Jean COCTEAU. 3 L.A.S., Paris 1932-1933,... - Lot 90 - Ader
Jean COCTEAU. 3 L.A.S., Paris 1932-1933, to Marcel Gouet, in Orléans; 4 pages various formats, 2 envelopes. - And 11 L.A.S. of Marcel KHILL to the same, 1931-[1939?]; 15 pages in-4, 3 envelopes. One joins 2 small photographs representing Cocteau, Christian Bérard and Marcel Khill (plus a cutout of Khill). Beautiful set on Cocteau and his companion Marcel Khill. [Cocteau met in 1932 the handsome Marcel KHILL (1912-1940), who would be his companion for several years. He will give him the role of the Corinthian Messenger in The Infernal Machine, and will go around the world with him in 80 days.] [Cocteau met in 1932 the handsome Marcel KHILL (1912-1940), who will be his companion for several years. July 16, 1932. He had Marcel admitted to the Villemin hospital in the ward of his friend Jausian, "from where I hope he will soon come out free and healthy. He does not cease to give bile. Appendicitis does not free him from these diseases, these gases, sinusitis, flies etc., but if Jausian does not find the key, Rosenthal will find it through the serums. Be quiet; I take good care of our savage and I do not love him selfishly. I'm making progress every minute. Your shadow is always close to us"... [June 30, 1933], on both sides of a postcard illustrated with his photograph: "You are a heart worthy of Marcel, our black diamond. There is sadness between us, night, ink, but no shadow and no mud. This sadness will become tenderness, this night will become starry, this ink will signify and you will understand that I never disturb fate, whether favourable or unfortunate "... [July 19, 1933]. "Marcel is fattening up and, except for a little pain in his leg, he's doing wonderfully well. He continues to be the mysterious prince of an enchanted castle where peaches and apricots rain down. He jumped over the wall again to visit me because he was worried about my 5-day fast. He found me upright and brave. Every day brings progress in this natively beautiful soul deformed by Madeleine - the terrible hen with a patent engineer. The worst level. The enemy of the beauty of audacity etc. She wanted to move back to the hospital but Marcel made her understand that it was over and that she had no more hold. He is an angel and I would like to give him wings to get out of this absurd service "... Marcel KHILL. Paris March 21, 1931. Everybody is sick: "Jean Marais, the children's gourme, with an old ear infection. Jean whines all day long about his great poverty - "he is on the verge of death" "the taxman has taken everything from him" - it is awful what he has become miserly "... Villemin Hospital [July 1932]. Always in hospital, he gets a taste for it. "We had a very nice stay at Château Briacé. The Châtelain, who is a great gourmet, offered us the finest dishes"; letter also signed by "Jean". September 1st, 1933. He returned to Mr. G. des Crances, at Château Briacé (Loire-Inférieure). "During the day we sunbathe and as the castle is surrounded by a large moat I bathe in it. In the evening Jean and his friend take all the poisons and I read or I make the pipes "... January 1, 1934, vows; " Jean is at the Valem nursing home "... - The Gouet's check " comes at the right time in our house so heavy and where Jean struggles with his new courage which amazes me. Yes my dear Marcel, I have always considered you noble enough to rejoice in my happiness and I will not insult you by telling you what is not. Indeed every day proves to me that I was right, and that my life corresponding to Jean's work would have disturbed a business life "... [14 February]. "Rehearsals are in full swing. Jean is happy with everyone's efforts "... March 6. "Here is my 22nd finished spring I would have liked to finish it with you but alas, I didn't even know my age"... He draws in full page, with pen and blue pencil, the "Costume of the messenger in La Machine Infernale (Œdipe) by Jean Cocteau: costume by Christian Bérard", and adds: "The play is postponed for after the holidays. The drawing is of me, representing the costume I will have in the messenger. Because I no longer have the role of the soldier, the director Louis Jouvet preferred to give me the messenger, and I keep the doubbing of the first "... - In the barracks, in the evening, he rehearses his role... Sunday. "Jean has finished his treatment, he obviously suffered like a madman for 5-6 days, but now he's amazing, he goes to his rehearsals every afternoon, where he works tremendously, I think they work wonders, we had Christian Bérard here for a week, he had put us in this house, the most beautiful hovel in the world [...], but he's adorable all the same "... Postal sector 42 [December 1939]: "nothing new, complete dullness, rain, mud, cold, no wine, no permissions, real misery what. And how long it will last. Mystery all the way through"... Etc.
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