Denis DIDEROT (1713-1784). L.A., to a "very... - Lot 98 - Ader

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Denis DIDEROT (1713-1784). L.A., to a "very... - Lot 98 - Ader
Denis DIDEROT (1713-1784). L.A., to a "very dear brother" [D'Alembert?] ; 1 page in-8. " This work is not without ideas. It is a reverie of the turn of those of Malebranche and Descartes. But there's no stile; sometimes even no François. If what's in there about systematics had fallen into Buffon's head, by dint of experience, subtleties and colour, I don't know what he didn't do with it. In the state it is, there is no sensation to be hoped for. According to the author, fire is the principle of everything except his work. When one proposes to demonstrate that there is no air, but that our atmosphere is only a mass of aqueous molecules which charge, wet and weigh down the wings of fire, it is necessary to begin by providing it with a good number of facts; and the answer to all those who can be opposed, is it nothing? The reign of experimental philosophy has come and the reign of visions has passed. This is my opinion. " Correspondence (ed. G. Roth & J. Varloot), t. XVI, n° 980 (according to a copy, [to Grimm?]).
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