Pierre LOUŸS (1870-1925). L.A.S., Bordeaux... - Lot 129 - Ader

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Pierre LOUŸS (1870-1925). L.A.S., Bordeaux... - Lot 129 - Ader
Pierre LOUŸS (1870-1925). L.A.S., Bordeaux July 15, 1918, to the Prefect of the Gironde; 4 pages in-8 with letterhead of the Hôtel Continental de Bordeaux. A draft of an autogr. letter to a lady is attached (1 p. ¼ in-8 mourning, defects): "To which valet, madam, do you think so tenderly? I speak to you of a lake and a boat and a servant makes you forget Lamartine"...; and a business card a.s., July 7, 1910: "Abominable, the verdict of Bourges! and even more abominable, the judgment. What a poor little girl! " He complains that "the remaining post office refuses to send my letters to my hotel. My signature and my safe conduct are not enough for him. They reply that I am "not known". Indeed the name of Pierre Louÿs is very obscure. - If, on the day of my arrival in Bordeaux, July 2, so many American sailors were wearing their "U.S.S. Aphrodite" beret, it was simply by chance. [...] This month, any family letter can tell me whether one of my race, one of the two children who were not killed - is dead or alive. Would you be so kind as to have the post office say that I am really staying at the Hotel Continental, room 32, on the 3rd floor?
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