Jean PAULHAN (1884-1968). L.A.S., Paris 27... - Lot 140 - Ader

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Jean PAULHAN (1884-1968). L.A.S., Paris 27... - Lot 140 - Ader
Jean PAULHAN (1884-1968). L.A.S., Paris 27 February 1934, to the Danish writer Ole Winding, in Chantilly; 3 pages in red and black ink, with nrf heading, envelope. French lesson. "I took a pleasure mixed with embarrassment in reading your Essay. It happens that your reflections are just and fine (and sometimes striking). I am thinking particularly of those that deal with the lies of society, the destiny of the soul, the nature of our "discoveries"). But they are terribly undermined by ambiguous, confused, incorrect language that constantly leaves your reader in doubt about the accuracy of the thought he attributed to you in the first place". He thus quotes 7 incorrect, confused or obscure passages, with his remarks and a new red ink essay....
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