Roger PEYREFITTE. 5 L.A.S., Paris August-October... - Lot 145 - Ader

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Roger PEYREFITTE. 5 L.A.S., Paris August-October... - Lot 145 - Ader
Roger PEYREFITTE. 5 L.A.S., Paris August-October 1973, to a "young friend" poet, Yvon Conéjéro; 8 pages and a half in-8, envelopes. Beautiful set relating to the Amitiés particulières, and the model of Alexandre Motier. July 15. Thanks for the charming volume of verses. "I hope you enjoy your chance to be a poet. Stay it! Your whole life will be changed by it. I'm touched that you're asking me to visit the tomb of "Alexander"... "... The tomb is not in Sète but had to be transported to Béziers, "where the family of this young boy had gone to live"; and he gives the name of Georges Guéret, who committed suicide in 1922 or 1923: "It is, indeed, by a kind of "transubstantiation" (what a word!) that I gave the name of Georges to "the other" "... August 14th. He is touched by his pilgrimage to Béziers: "No doubt, in spite of the absence of date and first name: the tomb you discovered at the Old Cemetery is that of little Georges. I see another proof of this in the fact that there does not seem to be any religious sign: the father, although having put his son in a religious college, was agnostic. ...] what you are sending me the sketch of (strange, by the way...), is his funeral monument. As you say very well, "it seems that death has taken over everything, even its earthly shadow" [...] But - if I may say so - what a book! "»... September 9th. He knew that Georges Guéret's father was a doctor, and that he was a poet. "His eldest son ("Maurice") was reading, under study, superb editions of his poems, certainly printed at the author's expense, and whose text had seemed to me as smoky as that of the other Sétois, Paul Valéry "... If "Maurice", whose real first name he forgets, had been alive when the book was published, he would have recognized himself, "he would have written to me"... September 23rd. He points out, "as to a personal friend of Les Amitiés particulières", that on October 2, in the "Dossiers de l'écran", "the ORTF will screen the film by Delannoy of my book"... 8 [October, after the film was banned]: "Eh oui ! dear poet, the Tartufes are vigilant ! "»...
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