Francis PICABIA (1879-1953). L.A.S., Paris... - Lot 146 - Ader

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Francis PICABIA (1879-1953). L.A.S., Paris... - Lot 146 - Ader
Francis PICABIA (1879-1953). L.A.S., Paris Samedi [1948], to Gaston Criel; 1 page and a quarter in-4. An a.s. poem by Gaston CRIEL (1913-1990), Libération, Paris May 12, 1945 (1 page and a half in-4), with l.a.s. is attached. accompaniment; prose poem written on his return from the Stalag de prisonniers His conception of literature and art, about Swing by Gaston Criel, published by Éditions Universitaires Françaises with two presentations by Jean Cocteau and Charles Delaunay. He read the proofs of the book: "the few lines I am sending you are the expression of my thoughts. I have objections to the literature of many: why disguise these objections? I get a headache when this literature begins to act on me; my thought asks literature for rapture, even a pirouette; for my heart and stomach would not be happy. My whole body is ultimately asking literature for a lightening: this leaden life should lose its heaviness. Melancholy is everywhere in these horrible books of perfection; that's why I need life. Swing is as alive as swing could be. The understanding of the true step - this understanding of illusion is the only bearable thing, being, for me, the only true thing. - Loyalty with the explanation given to it is a subject of disgust. Fortunately this contrary force, art, shows us the way to the dream, without sleep. I hope to live all my life, a life of imperfection, on the beautiful river, which reflects illusion. The horizon of art makes people laugh, and laugh at me. It gave me pleasure to read Swing book of freedom, which places you above things, that your ideal requires, to need yourself" .... [The publishers of Swing published a 12-page publicity brochure gathering the praises addressed to the author by Aimé Césaire, Gide, Le Corbusier, Fernand Léger, Mac Orlan, Picabia, Poulenc, Sartre, Senghor, etc. who had read the book on proofs]. An a.s. poem by Gaston CRIEL (1913-1990), Libération, Paris 12 May 1945 (1 page and a half in-4), with accompanying a.s., is attached; a prose poem written on his return from the Stalag of prisoners where he spent most of the war: "The red flag flew over the camp and Nazi terror collapsed under the whistles of those in chains for five years. ...] All of you, our brothers in chains, Jews shot, deported to organized prisons, women, old people, children, martyrs of the Nazi rage, I greet you from liberated France. Glory to you, allies in the defence of man and the Spirit, glory to you De Gaulle, Duhamel, Paulhan, Valéry. The prisoners of the broken barbed wire trace their thanks to you "... - A photograph of Gaston Criel (postcard, Teddy Piaz photograph) on the back of which Criel wrote his name and address. - L.a.s. by Germaine Everling-Picabia, Cannes, January 3, 1934, to Jean Desthieux (1 p. ½ in-4, heading Riviera Magazine): "Picabia has recovered from her furunculosis, lives on her little boat and looks very sad, I think I can't help it any more"...
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