[D.A.F. marquis de SADE]. Marguerite-Delphine-Alphonsine... - Lot 154 - Ader

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[D.A.F. marquis de SADE]. Marguerite-Delphine-Alphonsine... - Lot 154 - Ader
[D.A.F. marquis de SADE]. Marguerite-Delphine-Alphonsine de Valbelle Tourves (1705-1784) wife of her cousin André-Geoffroy de Valbelle, marquis de Rians, cavalry camp maestre, grand seneschal of Marseille. 2 L.A., 1760 and Meyrargues 1763, to Jean-Baptiste comte de Sade, annotated at the head by the marquis de Sade; 6 pages and a quarter in-8, addresses, red wax stamps with arms (broken). May 8, 1760. She talks about M. de La Tour, the marshal of Villars and her son the duke of Villars, at whose house Mme d'Espinasse dined, then comments on Les Philosophes, an amusing comedy by Palissot from which she quotes verses aimed at M. de Lauraguais. "Mr. the Duke of Brancas, her father, who was talking about it, found Freron, a friend of the height, and asked him to remove from the room what could be watching his son. News from the Controller General Bertin, and from the Duke of Burgundy, who is "going away very slowly. Father Desmarets luy was going to make his first communion "... December 27, 1763, with his vows: " all the great lords are governed by their valleys without doubting I see and hear on this one things from which I do not return and what bothers me is that I see that as I grow old I come from there "... Etc.
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