George SAND. L.A.S., Nohant 17 March [1868],... - Lot 160 - Ader

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George SAND. L.A.S., Nohant 17 March [1868],... - Lot 160 - Ader
George SAND. L.A.S., Nohant 17 March [1868], to Dr Pierre-Paul Darchy; 2 pages and a half in-8 to his figure (trace of collage and small tear). Birth of his granddaughter Gabrielle (March 11). "Dear old man, I couldn't take care of you in Paris where I only spent the time to get out of the Cannes wagon and into the Châteauroux wagon. Lina was a month off. While I was on my way, she gave birth, very fortunately and very quickly, to a beautiful little girl who had come just in time. She passed the little milk fever very well and everything makes me hope (she is on her 7th day) that this time there will be no accident. When I'm rested, because the race has been hard, I'll go to Paris to do my business and yours if necessary, because I have no idea if you've finished your work and if it's not on Rue des Feuillantines. I only took the time to read the dispatch announcing Lina's deliverance. Émile [Aucante] did his best for the Doctor's book. "But the bookstore is going to the devil and my novels are not published. If there was any accident here, we would call you, you know dear friend that without you we are losing our minds. Let's hope that everything will continue to run smoothly"... Correspondence, t. XX, no. 13516.
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