François weyergans (1941-2019). 2 L.A.S.,... - Lot 166 - Ader

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François weyergans (1941-2019). 2 L.A.S.,... - Lot 166 - Ader
François weyergans (1941-2019). 2 L.A.S., [to Jacques Lacan]; 4 pages and a quarter in-4. [Brussels] "Friday or rather Saturday, 2:45 a.m.". He has difficulty beginning his letter ("Doctor"? "Sir"? "Friend"?) . He is thinking of "a script for a short film", which he plans to shoot soon. Here's the script: Title: The Transition. Then a card giving the definition of "Transition" by Littré "... Against a background of images of a plane landing, a voice-over reads William Blake's poem "Why was Cupid a boy"..., which he copies. It will be "a kind of documentary on what a foreigner would do in an unknown city", which he tells in detail, interpreted by Maurice Béjart, Florence Delay, and his own wife...". While reading a text by Freud recently, I remembered that I too, very often, was absolutely certain of future things": the origin of his marriage is proof of this... - "From here". "I just wanted to send you this reply: my word is flourishing", in the manner of a coat of arms, he explains. He would also like to see the word "spawn" here, "reduction of the weight of the coins by the effect of the circulation", and then announces his next return, because his father has returned "and talking with him is not very convenient for me, and yet I continue to talk to him; it is almost stronger than me. Only a departure will stop these conversations "... Fighting with his father exhausts him. "For two months, my scene, which I saw with the same eyes, changed on sight. But you were there ...
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