Emile Zola. P.A.S. (twice) and L.A.S., Paris... - Lot 170 - Ader

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Emile Zola. P.A.S. (twice) and L.A.S., Paris... - Lot 170 - Ader
Emile Zola. P.A.S. (twice) and L.A.S., Paris et Médan 1890-1891, to Edgar Degas; 1 page in-8 with tax stamp, and 1 page in-8. Unknown documents on the relations of Zola and Degas. [Zola moved to 23 rue de Boulogne in 1877; he lived there for twelve years. In 1889, he moved to 21 bis rue de Bruxelles (where he died). The rue de Boulogne was renamed rue Ballu in 1886, but it can be seen here that Zola continues to give it its former name. We didn't know that he sublet his old apartment to Degas]. October 15, 1890: "Received from Mr. Degas the sum of five hundred and twenty-three francs, for the expired term of October 90 of the apartment I sublet to him rue de Boulogne 23, and for the water charges and for the tax on doors and windows"... [Zola signed a second time on the tax stamp; on the back, stamp of the Bibliothèque Charpentier, G. Charpentier & E.]. Fasquelle publishers. ] August 7, 1891. "Indeed, you would have had better inspiration in handing me the two terms, for I paid on my own, believing that you had taken the money to Charpentier, as was agreed. I no longer recognize myself at all in the complications of this adventure, and I will simply put everything in the hands of my businessman "...
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