Jacques LACAN. Autograph manuscript; 39 sheets... - Lot 227 - Ader

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Jacques LACAN. Autograph manuscript; 39 sheets... - Lot 227 - Ader
Jacques LACAN. Autograph manuscript; 39 sheets in-4 written on the front, paginated 1-39, with erasures and corrections. Drafts of an introduction to a series of courses on the analytical experience. This text seems to have remained unpublished. "The three courses should attempt to define the analytical experience. And I marked at the beginning of the first one who I thought I was addressing. Namely, students - who come to ask something of analysis - and who need to be warned what it is. That is to say, not a magical operation - but the eternal act of discourse - which is not only to unveil the real but to introduce into it the dimension of a coherent order - which it at least has the pretension of creating as it unveils itself. Intimate pretension to the act of discourse, identical to its gush. Phenomenological as we say in the prescientific sense. ...] And it is because it cannot be eliminated from the analytical experience that I have told you that psychoanalysis - and as long as it is a dialectical question - is not a science. It is less as a technique. It is more as a preparation for a science. ...] I have therefore spoken of the most difficult thing to know - namely the subject as it speaks - in other words, the act of speaking in its creative function of a truth that asserts itself. ...] You see, then, that analysis is always told in the first person, and that is also why it is not a science [...] We have already made the opposition of the I who speaks - and who struggles before engaging in the ambiguity of these affirmations, who doubts and never knows what he can dominate in himself and what I who can say I exist and even more I am like that - I am that - this body this hand this eye. ...] The subject I and the self that repeats and affirms it - and literally becomes its complement. But the grammar here, if it enlightens us, is obscure. Linguistic marker of the appearance in language where we know that this "I" precedes the "I". But no singular point - this "I" that appears designates first of all the other who, precisely by saying, has designated himself under this "I" adopted by the one who begins to speak. ...] What we find under the analysis of elementary and social behaviors is the superposition of conatio, desire and will"... After quoting Jean Delay, Pierre Janet and John Hughlings Jackson, Lacan wants to define 'what distinguishes the classical psychologist from the psychoanalyst [...] The psychoanalyst has another view of man. The psychoanalyst has another view of man... The psychoanalyst has another view of man, and first of all is so inseparable in his personality that his aim is to bring even what is unconscious within the reach of his judgment. What analysis has taught us and makes it possible to conceive is the profound relationship that exists between the structures of the self and the constitution of the object" Etc.
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