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MADAGASCAR. Autograph manuscript of Pierre... - Lot 250 - Ader
MADAGASCAR. Autograph manuscript of Pierre MANDAVY, January 1-November 7, 1948, and album of original photographs, 1946-1948; 159 pages of an in-8 hardback notebook (taped spine), with some interleaved documents, and in-4 hardback notebook. Diary and photo album of a soldier in Madagascar during the 1948 uprising. Printed diary of Sergeant Mandavy, born in Bône on September 3, 1927, enlisted on February 22, 1945, sent to Madagascar as a master corporal on June 14, 1947. As a sergeant, he recorded in his diary operations in the districts of Vohipeno and Ikongo during the independence uprising. Notes on manpower, equipment and movements; storms, tropical diseases, locusts, leeches; attacks, captures and destruction. 21 January. "The favallos send a request for submission. Would they be willing to surrender? "... January 22nd. "A patrol goes out, brings back the ears of a Thanallos king, General Favallos, who had wanted to explain "... February 2. "Commando in the forest with 6 riflemen [...]; let's kiss all the M.D.R.M. [Malagasy Democratic Renovation Movement] papers in the area; their leader is called back to God as well as some of these men - 5 prisoners "... February 20. News of the Sahalado post cleared with a grenade, saved by "the providential intervention of a section on the move"... 11 March. "14 prisoners, 28 oxen and destroyed a M.D.R.M. office. Nearly bombed by our air force" ... 21 March. " The favallos come to burn a group of huts 500 meters from the post; I water them copiously with mortar " ... March 28th. Return to Vinamy: "I take 1 rifle 86 15 cartridges, 1 grenade F. 1 and a hole in my trellis, I have the baraka 3 killed remained on the ground, blood everywhere "... May 8. "At two o'clock, let's fall into an ambush. After a good shoot-out on both sides, these gentlemen retreat "... May 20. " This is it. The area has cracked. President M.D.R.M. And all the quince generals came forward with their guns. Hurrah! The company cleaned out an area as big as two or three departments. "... July 21-22. Reconnaissance of the body of a comrade in arms, "ruined" by the Bara to steal 50,000 francs. "Let's refuse the friendship beef with dignity and leave after the worst threats. Let's sleep in Thanallos country..." Etc. Album of about 200 photographs, most of them about 9 x 6.5 cm, some with notes or dates on the back: Mandavy, his comrades-in-arms, Malagasy people, aerial view of Tanarive, exercises in Algeria, the liner for Indochina, etc.
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