MARIE-AMÉLIE (1782-1866) Queen of the French,... - Lot 252 - Ader

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MARIE-AMÉLIE (1782-1866) Queen of the French,... - Lot 252 - Ader
MARIE-AMÉLIE (1782-1866) Queen of the French, wife of Louis-Philippe. 5 L.A.S. (2 of an initials), 1815-1826; 6 pages in-8, 3 envelopes. Enclosed is a letter from the Dowager Duchess of Orleans to the First President Baron Séguier. Richmond June 8, 1815. She rejoices at the news "that our dear Lady Isabelle has fortunately given birth to a son", to whom her husband is willing to give his name along with that of Ferdinand: "so he will be doubly dear to me bearing the names of those whom I love best"; they ask the Duke of Leinster to represent them at the baptism. She announces that "Madame returned yesterday from Ghent"; in Paris, "it seems that the Champ de Mai Assembly went very quietly, and that Buonaparte is doing everything to win over the Chambers and to enthuse the Army; and on the other side, alas! they are doing the opposite. The war will, they say, begin this week [...] I think of all the misfortunes it will cause, and all the evils it will bring upon this poor dear France. In the meantime, I am happy to see my father restored to his throne... To Mrs. Forbes. Twickenham 24th August 1815, to postpone their game for tomorrow her husband is "obliged to go to a great dinner given by the Cte de La Châtre to celebrate the King's Day"... 8th September, inviting her to come with her daughter to dine "with us" before returning to town. October 19th. Congratulations on the birth of a grandson: she will hasten to give the news to her husband. "Called by the King to be present at the opening of the Chambers, which was to take place on the 25th of July, he was obliged to leave immediately, I fear that business will not allow him to return any time soon, and it is a real sorrow for me... Neuilly 21 October 1822. Sending of a sum for Élise Valmont, and the address of a cabinetmaker who "made very pretty chairs for the Dsse de Berri at 18 frs each"... Randan June 30, 1826. Authorization to spend a week in Neuilly, in their absence, to take river baths for sprains: "it disturbs the rules we have established, but for this object we agree to it with pleasure"...
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