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MARINE. 13 letters or documents, most of... - Lot 255 - Ader
MARINE. 13 letters or documents, most of them L.A.S., 1835-1892. Enclosed is the passport issued in 1843 to Gaston de Roquemaurel to go to Naples, with many visas (plus his certificate of studies diploma, Toulouse 1822). Gustave Besnard (Rade des Saintes December 30, 1885, on the letterhead of the cruiser L'Iphigénie, on her next arrival in Basse-Terre). Paul Chack (business card a.s.). Rear Admiral René de Cornulier-Lucinière (Nantes). Admiral Amédée Courbet (1882, referring to the time when he was head of the torpedo school in Boyardville, on the island of Oléron). Louis Henri de Saulces de Freycinet (Rochefort 1836, as maritime prefect, acknowledging receipt of medals). Jacques de Liniers (viceroy of the provinces of the Rio de la Plata, l.a.s. "Santiago" to his sister-in-law Amada Petrona, authenticated by Mendeville). Pierre Loti (business card a.s. as lieutenant of the ship, thank you "for my fishermen"). Ernest Mouchez (2). Edmond Paris (1892, on the publication of the 5th book of Marine Memories). Admiral Henri de RIGNY (1835). Admiral Albin Roussin (2 to Hector Bresson, 1841).
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