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WHALING. 5 documents relating to whaling... - Lot 273 - Ader
WHALING. 5 documents relating to whaling and the shipowner Jeremiah WINSLOW, 1821-1830 and n.d.; 11 pages in-fol. and 1 oblong page in-8. Interesting dossier on whaling and its regulation. [The Royal Order of 8 February 1816 reflected the power to revive whaling with the help of bounties. Seduced by the French government's encouragement of the whaling industry, the American shipowner Jeremiah Winslow (1781-1858) came to Le Havre in January 1817. Naturalized as a French citizen in 1821, he was responsible for the considerable impetus that this branch of the trade received in France and Le Havre. It played a capital role in the armamenting of more than 450 ships in Le Havre]. Le Havre October 12, 1821. Handwritten copy of a letter from Jeremiah Winslow to Maupas, second captain of the whaling ship Georges & Albert, giving the instructions he was to follow during his crossing under the command of Captain Fisher. - July 29, 1830]. Period copy of the outfitting of the French ship Maryland, from the owner J. Winslow, going whaling in the South Seas, "armed without bounty," giving the nationalities, duties and some names of the 33 crew members. The commanding staff is mainly "foreign". - Autographed copy of a Report to the King, dated 4 October 1830, by Horace Sébastiani, Minister of the Navy and the Colonies, concerning the Order of 7 December 1829 on the bonuses granted for the encouragement of whaling and French protectionism restricting the quota of foreigners in the crew, implicitly targeting Winslow's practices. - Period copy of a letter from Jeremiah Winslow dated 27 November 1830 to Count d'Argout, Minister of Marine and Colonies. After a short biographical presentation, Winslow states that he had already made 46 voyages since 1817 and brought back to Le Havre the product of 1144 whales. He emphasizes: "I wish to continue a branch of trade to which more than thirty years of my life have been devoted and to complete the work I have begun, that is, the naturalization of whaling in France. To do this, he had to enlist more foreign sailors, even if it meant giving up government bonuses. He insists on his desire to settle in France and Le Havre, but is threatened with ruin if the fishing ordinances are not changed. Original drawing in graphite on strong wove paper (15.3 x 23 cm), by Pierre LETUAIRE, signed, representing a rowboat approaching the coast with figures on board.
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