Paul-Émile VICTOR (1907-1995) polar explorer.... - Lot 295 - Ader

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Paul-Émile VICTOR (1907-1995) polar explorer.... - Lot 295 - Ader
Paul-Émile VICTOR (1907-1995) polar explorer. Autograph manuscript signed as "Director of the French Polar Expeditions, Executive President of the Foundation for the Protection of Nature", Quelques réflexions concernant la chasse et les chasseurs, [10 October 1972]; 6 pages in- 4. Article for the Annuaire de la chasse. Hunting has become "a disorderly and irresponsible killing. By the system that regulates it, it tarnishes the image of France "... He himself is no longer a hunter. "I used to hunt a lot, once, in Greenland or in the north of Alaska. But almost always for a living. Often to survive: polar bear, seal, narwhal, polar hare, ptarmigan. That's how I learned to respect the animals I hunted. The bad hunters? It's the ones who kill for the kill, which is unacceptable. Those who shoot at everything that lives "... And to illustrate this with a few anecdotes, striking the chorus: "You call that hunting, do you? "... It would be impossible to ban hunting in France, but it would be necessary to review the rules, which are "out of step with the current needs of protecting nature and animals and with the general interest, which must take precedence over individual interests [...]. No rifle should be sold, no hunting licence should be issued without a serious preliminary examination ...".
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