[PAS-DE-CALAIS]. [LACKS]. [SEQUIERS]. (SLABS).... - Lot 314 - Ader

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[PAS-DE-CALAIS]. [LACKS]. [SEQUIERS]. (SLABS).... - Lot 314 - Ader
[PAS-DE-CALAIS]. [LACKS]. [SEQUIERS]. (SLABS). Aveu et dénombrement des terres à Lacres by Guy de Brimeu, seigneur de Dalles, Sequières et Lacres. In French, charter on parchment, brown ink, analyses on the back France, Dalles (Pas-de-Calais), 10 May 1439 Dimensions: 580 x 440 mm The house of Brimeu is the cradle of the seigneury of Brimeux sur la Canche, north of Campagne-lès-Hesdin. Gui de Brimeu, lord of Humbercourt, Querrieu and Gisaincourt, then count of Meghem, known as the great or Gwijde de Brimeu (1433-1477), was a knight of the Golden Fleece (1473): he was beheaded in Ghent on 3 April 1477. He was lieutenant to the Duke of Burgundy in the countries "ença de la Meuse", in Namur, Liège and Looz. He had married Antoinette de Rambures (1450-1517). On Guy de Brimeu, and his lands in Boulonnais, see Memoirs of the Academic Society of the district of Boulogne-sur-Mer (volume IX, 1881). This document is cited on p. 114: "Guy de Brimeu, seigneur de Dalles, 1439 (Aveu de Lacres)". Dalles, hamlet and farm, whose name (feodum de Dales) is mentioned as early as the 12th century. The abbey of this name held the tithe (decimam de Dales) which it had bought from Isaac de Bezinghem, and which it kept until the French Revolution. Sequières is a hamlet and farm, whose tithe (decimam de Sekieres) belonged to the Abbey of Samer in the 12th century. See Dictionnaire historique et archéologique du Pas-de-Calais (1873-1883).
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