- Emmanuel CHABRIER. L.A.S. "Emmanuel", [La... - Lot 16 - Ader

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- Emmanuel CHABRIER. L.A.S. "Emmanuel", [La... - Lot 16 - Ader
- Emmanuel CHABRIER. L.A.S. "Emmanuel", [La Membrolle] 25 July [1885], to André Monvoisin, "law student, budding notary", in Cusset (Allier); 1 page in-8 filled with small handwriting, address on back. [85-24]
Amusing letter to a little cousin. "Well done, comrade and dear colleague, for I am one in letters, but it is not from yesterday. Come, here is, as they say, a strong thorn out of the foot, - where others will come in, don't worry, it is only the first; the foot was given to man for that first, and then to walk with. I don't dare look at mine any more; it must be a sieve. And to think that for more than fifteen years your father has been shelling out thousand-dollar bills to make you learn a so-called Latin language that you are strictly forbidden to speak in the salons on pain of being thrown out immediately. And to add that I'm going to do the same for mine. Decidedly, the nonsense we offer each other here on earth would not fit in a decalitre, but on the other hand, a thimble would be too big to contain the almost reasonable things. As for me, I'm working hard. I'd rather be walking with lovely women on the banks of a clear stream, or simply on the open sea; but I have no choice. While you're at it, have a good time; you'll soon enough become a serious gentleman; one fine morning a pair of gold spectacles with a white tie round the collar will fall on your nose - you'll be a solemn, dull bugger that day. Beware"...
Attached are 2 notes a.s. to André Monvoisin; and a L.A.S. in pencil [to W. Enoch?] for the payment of his taxes.
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