- Emmanuel CHABRIER. 2 L.A.S., [Paris] January-March... - Lot 21 - Ader

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- Emmanuel CHABRIER. 2 L.A.S., [Paris] January-March... - Lot 21 - Ader
- Emmanuel CHABRIER. 2 L.A.S., [Paris] January-March 1888, to Louis Gallet; 1 page in-8 each. [88-10 and 88-34]
About a proposed libretto for an opera, Lumen. 26 January. "I have been thinking about - and remain very much impressed by - the subject you spoke to me about today. Please prepare for Tuesday morning a sufficiently developed work, a large scenario, - I positively believe that I shall fall to a halt and put up my proud spurs!
I have 36 reasons to be in a hurry and to exile myself promptly"... - 24 March. "I am still here for q.q. days on account of some little business beside which delicate care must be given. I beg you to give my maid, carefully rolled up, the script of the other acts of Lumen; I ran the first act this morning through my immense head, and I shall need to see the rest, which I remember only imperfectly, calmly. I will come to see you on Monday.
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