- Emmanuel CHABRIER]. Felix MOTTL (1856-1911).... - Lot 46 - Ader

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- Emmanuel CHABRIER]. Felix MOTTL (1856-1911).... - Lot 46 - Ader
- Emmanuel CHABRIER]. Felix MOTTL (1856-1911). 17 L.A.S., 1887-1893, to Emmanuel Chabrier; 34 pages in various sizes; one in German (small defects to 2 letters).
Very nice correspondence from the conductor who made Chabrier known in Germany. Karlsruhe 8.XI.1887, he would like to give Gwendoline in Karlsruhe... - 5.XII, he will do everything possible to perform his work, but the decision depends on the Intendant... - Hietzing 5 Sept. 1889, he will conduct Gwendoline on the 29th in Karlsuhe, and is thinking of the King in spite of himself if Enoch can make good conditions. - 13 Sept. he promises to correct the great score of Gwendolen; he hopes that Jahn (director of the Vienna Opera), to whom he spoke of Chabrier "as a new Berlioz and Wagner!", will come for the King and Gwendolen... Vienna 16 Sept. (with a quotation from the Introduction to Act II of Le Roi malgré lui) : " We two (Flesch and I) have just finished the fourth reading of Le Roi malgré lui. We are absolutely delighted with your masterpiece and we drink to the health of the master Chabrier! Vivat, crescat, floreat! [...] We have sworn that you will be the most popular man in Vienna in two weeks' time"... - Karlsruhe 25.IX. He needs the large score to make the corrections to Gwendolen; he has not received the King's music, and needs to study it before the rehearsals... - 27.IX. He cannot begin the rehearsals, not having received the music. Mrs. Wagner and Levi will come for Gwendolen... - 30.IX (on the back of the poster for Gwendolen, Sept. 29): "Mrs. Wagner was at the theatre yesterday, and she was quite satisfied with your work, which was as successful as in the first performances..." - 27.X. He will start rehearsing next week: "I hope to have the Première of the King around Christmas. [...] All the costumes are new"... - 19.XI, concerning the transposition of the end of Gwendoline; Le Roi malgré lui will not be ready until January: "That damn bugger Chabrier has written very difficult work"... - 31.XII, greetings: "The laurel wreath for you, master"... - 19.I.1890. He is waiting for Chabrier to rehearse on the stage on Friday... - 18 February: "I think a lot and with all my heart about my friend Chabrier and I will never abandon him! I will work with the soloists on all the pages you have written for me"... - 23 April: he does not know when he will be able to come to Paris; Le Roi malgré lui is to be performed in Dresden... - 4 January 1892. Vows: "I will absolutely come to hear Briséïs in Paris, but then you will come immediately to Karlsruhe to hear your work conducted by your old Momottl"... - 15.I.1893, on the success of Gwendoline in Dusseldorf : " I hope and I am sure that it will not be too long before your masterpiece will be accredited on all the stages of Germany, and of the whole world ! "... - 10.XII, his wife comes to Paris to sing at Lamoureux's...
Enclosed : - a long L.A.S. to Ernest Van Dyck, Karlsuhe 16.XII.1888 (4 p. in-8 in German), explaining the reasons for the postponement of Gwendoline in order to have a quality performance with a very brilliant Harald, when Plank will be recovered ; - 3 L.A.S. to Mme Chabrier, Karlsruhe 29.I and 6.III 1890 and 15.III.1894 (4 p.), the first one after the cancellation of Le Roi malgré lui, sick with spite and anger; - a l.a.s. from Mrs. Henriette Mottl to Mrs. Chabrier, 15.XII.1893 (1 p.).
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