Henry VIEUXTEMPS. L.A.S., Paris 8 April 1878,... - Lot 149 - Ader

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Henry VIEUXTEMPS. L.A.S., Paris 8 April 1878,... - Lot 149 - Ader
Henry VIEUXTEMPS. L.A.S., Paris 8 April 1878, to the violinist Alexandre Cornélis; 3 pages in-8 (slight cracks at folds).
To his assistant at the Brussels Conservatory. He hopes that Steveniers "will continue to correct himself and that we will no longer have to worry about his arm, but only about making him move forward. We will also need to move Spain, England and Lerminiaux. We will be able to do it. After the Easter holidays I intend to go and help you and prepare ourselves seriously so that we do not look too bad at the next competition, if not with a real competition, at least with a brilliant audition of solos and quartets. He asks to reserve two places for Francis Planté's concert in Brussels on April 28. "We had [Wilma] Neruda at the concert at the Concert populaire and at my house. She plays adorably. She is a model of style and grace, of purity"...
Attached is a L.A.S. (draft) to Bagier, director of the Théâtre Italien, requesting an audience, with a musical sketch of 2 bars on the back (1 f. in-8, small hole).
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