A DENG LONG ZUN lantern-shaped porcelain... - Lot 29 - Ader

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800 - 1000 EUR
A DENG LONG ZUN lantern-shaped porcelain... - Lot 29 - Ader
A DENG LONG ZUN lantern-shaped porcelain vase with green ground, China, 19th century
With sgraffito decoration of stylized scrolls and polychrome enamelled flowers, the ovoid body decorated with two rectangular cartouches decorated in famille rose enamels with scenes of classical Chinese legends: That of Guan yu drowning his enemies at the Battle of Fancheng from the Roman of the Three Kingdoms, and that of the Minghuang Emperor (Tang Zuanzong) watching Libai drunkenly writing a poem while the chief eunuch Gao Lishi removes his boots, and four cartouches: two rounded ones showing landscapes and two leaf-shaped ones showing Liu Hai and his toad and the immortal Li Tieguai seated next to his double-gourd and staff. Apocryphal Qianlong sigillary mark with six characters in blue underglaze on the base.
Height : 40 cmSmall
crack at the neck.

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