Beautiful burr box carved on the theme of... - Lot 136 - Ader

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Beautiful burr box carved on the theme of... - Lot 136 - Ader
Beautiful burr box carved on the theme of phrenology.
The lid is decorated with three skulls representing the zones of activity of phrenology according to Dr. Gall and the inscription "Craniology of Dr. Gall".
On the back are described the 27 different zones, corresponding to the numbers of the activity zones of the lid with the inscription "System of the cerebral organs of Doctor Gall". One can see in particular the organs of love, of the idea of one's race, of memory (of things, of words...), of the faculties (language, for mechanical abstractions...) of flight, of vanity...
The interior is in tortoise shell with some missing parts

Around 1810-1830.
D : 8 cm
Dr. Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828) is an Austrian physician, neuro anatomist known for his method of brain dissection
Following observations, he founded a new discipline called cranioscopy or craniology in 1800. This practice (which sought to detect the faculties of men thanks to the reliefs of the skull) is based on the principle that the morphology of the human skull reflected certain traits of character. For example, Gall observed that his best students had protruding eyes. He concluded that the deformations on the surface of the skull are related to the pressure of the brain organs. In those who have developed organs there would, as a consequence, be a bump on the surface of the skull. This link between mental faculties and anatomy laid the foundations of "cranioscopy" (named by Gall) which was renamed phrenology in 1810 by Gaspar Spurzheim, a pupil of Gall.

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