Large walnut shooting pistol case with engraved... - Lot 128 - Ader

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Large walnut shooting pistol case with engraved... - Lot 128 - Ader

Large walnut shooting pistol case with engraved crest "Mr. DUBOIS DE L'ESTANG" with inlaid brass reinforcing corners {CR}With its key.{CR}Sheathed inside with royal blue felt and signed in gold in the lid "GASTINNE RENETTE PARIS", it contains: {CR}A Gastinne Renette system breech-loading pistol with floating firing pin, centerfire and external hammer caliber 450, extractor.{CR}Blued rifled barrel engraved on the top "Gastinne Renette à Paris", rifled. {CR}Signed plate with finely engraved outer hammer with scrolls. Barrel tilts down by lever placed on the right side, trigger guard rests finger. Steel fittings finely engraved in continuation. With its accessories: a compartment for the housing of the casings to be reloaded, with percussion caps (47 casings) and not percussion caps (12 casings), four spare firing pins, a bullet mold with jet cutter, a powder pod, an oiler, a screwdriver, a chimney remover, a tamping rod, two rosewood primer and powder boxes, a double clamp for loading and unloading of casings. {CR}Overall length : 42,2 cm {CR}- Barrel length : 26,4 cm{CR}Case : 53 x 21,5 x 8,5 cm{CR}All complete and in good condition.

Note: The condition of the guns in M.A.'s collection is given as an indication, many guns having undergone modifications, repairs and restorations.

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