Pierre BALMAIN (1914-1982) fashion designer.... - Lot 5 - Ader

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Pierre BALMAIN (1914-1982) fashion designer.... - Lot 5 - Ader
Pierre BALMAIN (1914-1982) fashion designer. L.A. (signed on the back of the envelope), Paris [14.XI.1975], to Miss Anna Maillard; 8 pages in-8, autograph envelope signed. Long friendly letter to his "Dear Michou". He thanks her for her letter, which he found on his return from his usual long stay "in the extreme East": "Friendship, as you know, does not need genius - the simplest of its expressions warms the heart"... He was very flat when he wrote his letter from Marrakech: "the fatigue of a long year of anguish and effort had charged me with a weariness that was turning to black. Certainly, my personal situation is not much better and I have seen a patrimony patiently rounded over the years crumble - but business is better and I think I am finally getting out of the rut"... He even ends up aspiring to retirement "to which, a curious attitude of mind, I have never given in until now [...]. To arrange a more modest train seems desirable to me - to get rid of what remains of my precious objects, patiently gathered during my travels, seems quite possible - and, I am surprised to realize, indifferent! "He considers with some relief leaving his "caravanserai" for a much smaller bachelor apartment near the Bois, without as many staff, but wishes to keep Marrakech "(Inch'Allah)" to make long stays... He warns Michou about his plan to live with Paul André in Beauvoir, which seems dangerous for their friendship, because the latter is "of all your friends, the most attentive, the most willing always to do your bidding"... Balmain will come as usual to Savoy for All Saints' Day: "It will be good to meet again in this good house - we will drape ourselves in shawls and lodens and try to remember better to forget the moment [...] and we have so much to talk about! "...
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