Gala DALI (1899-1982). 2 L.A.S., to a friend;... - Lot 10 - Ader

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Gala DALI (1899-1982). 2 L.A.S., to a friend;... - Lot 10 - Ader
Gala DALI (1899-1982). 2 L.A.S., to a friend; 5 pages small in-4. About Dali's works and their life in Port Lligat in Cadaques. Back from Barcelona, she thanks the friend for his kindness for all his information, but the trip to Italy has "become chimerical without becoming spectral because I have no more money": her travels between Spain and Paris leave her too little financially... "I wrote to you about some photos of Dali's work. I wrote to you about photos of Dali's last paintings (the nannies etc.) [...]. The question that interests me most [...] is the "slave" [...] that you wanted to take care of"... They found for their friend a house to rent in Cadaques, and she keeps him informed of the progress of the boat, a kind of "motorboat" that seems to rebel to improvements, and whose engine sometimes fails them: "then we walk to Cadaquès, we talk we shout, we end up falling to the Casino accompanied by Printemps who wears at this moment, as it must be, ferunculations to the neck. [...] All this to tell you that the boat will only be ready for the summer. At the moment the weather is splendid and we continue to burnish, to work on the plaster, Dali's animal is perfected and becomes a marvel. He also finished that painting (the small one) that you liked so much - with the character built of pillows and put in a beach - and begins a lot of others. The conference was more brilliant - imagine the room filled with workers only and Dali at one moment gives the bread tied on the heads saying his poem - The polemical result of greater interest - extremely lively and quite unexpected anyway - with many protesting elements but also with at least more extremely intrigued and interested halves really ". They will not be in Paris before May 4-5, because she has "put a hen to lay eggs and I am obliged to stay here until the final result" ...... They have received her letter of return from Barcelona where Dali gave a conference of which he is quite happy... She postpones the trip for lack of money, because "the big mouth of the boat ate almost everything". About the pictures of Dali's paintings: "let them take pictures of them, but we will come to the house with their photographer"... The house of their friend is not rented this summer, she asks him to write to them and points out that "Dali was amused by your collage". She greets him "friendly and affectionately" and adds: "Dali greets you". [The letter is on glossy paper with photograph of Dali and Gala].
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