Louise HERVIEU (1878-1954). 5 L.A.S., 1938-1939,... - Lot 22 - Ader

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Louise HERVIEU (1878-1954). 5 L.A.S., 1938-1939,... - Lot 22 - Ader
Louise HERVIEU (1878-1954). 5 L.A.S., 1938-1939, to Miss Marie-Thérèse Évrard; 8 pages in-8, headed Association Louise Hervieu for the establishment of the "Carnet de Santé", one envelope. Touching correspondence, to a teacher who was introduced to her by their common friend the painter Marie Laurencin, in a weak and trembling handwriting. She thanks her "Dear and too indulgent Mademoiselle Evrard who are my friend!" for her generosity in asking her for cards, "however I am worried about the value of these cards in a conference dedicated to our youth [...] I will not send anything isolated by my discomforts which are my intimate enemies and that I will have to fight before leaving for the good fight"... February 4, 1938. It is with a full heart that she thanks her correspondent for the "money order (50f) that you sent me in the name of your school. I cried [...] so precious was your illusion to me, this exquisite charity which transfigures its miserable object! For I am only misery and poverty since I hated the daily company of my evil. [...] I bless our dear glorious Marie [Laurencin] who escorted you in spite of her suffering foot"... March 15, 1939: "Your radiance of goodness is a blessing from God. You are the protector of childhood, and you are particularly good in telling me that I have 'served' and that my sufferings and my decline will not have been suffered in vain [...] Our Marie Laurencin loves you... and both of us love her"... She asks her correspondence to be one of them at a meeting of the committee of the Louise Hervieu Association; "I don't know how to tell you anything better - if not from the bottom of my heart, my moved confidence... so weary, hurried, painful, Your Louise"... She asks her to attend a conference, "in the name of the Committee of which I am the failing president. [...] I hope that you will always be united in a common faith before the great cause of the Health Record, the saving cause, the salvation of all hearts, of your so weak Louise Hervieu.
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