Théophile-Alexandre STEINLEN (1859-1923).... - Lot 41 - Ader

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Théophile-Alexandre STEINLEN (1859-1923).... - Lot 41 - Ader
Théophile-Alexandre STEINLEN (1859-1923). 36 L.A.S. "Alex", 1890-1902, to his wife Émilie Steinlen (and to their daughter Colette); 125 pages in various sizes, mostly in-8, several addresses and envelopes. Important correspondence to his wife, talking about his work. [In 1881, Steinlen left Mulhouse with Émilie Mey to settle in Montmartre. In 1888 they had a daughter, Renée Germaine dite Colette, and married in 1895. The letters, written from Paris, are addressed to Émilie especially during his stays in the country or at the sea with their daughter; Steinlen keeps her up to date on his activities, his life in Montmartre, the people he meets, and the income or difficulties of money]. [May 30, 1890]. "Yesterday afternoon I took a long walk to see various corners I need for my menus. I went to the Salon where I met Monchablon in the evening at the Crayon dinner which was very cheerful with Gille Lepère Adrien Marie Crafty Caran etc. etc."... [4 December 1891]. "I dined with my young student [...] I went to Gil Blas where I could not find the cashier [...] from there I went to Hachette"... [20 January 1892]. "I am having dinner with Maizeroy and the band, we will probably go up to Bruant's in chorus. I don't intend to come back late but..." [20 September 1896]. [20 September 1896]. He does not manage to get paid by Gil Blas. "Yesterday was spent making a drawing for the Gil Blas that I was carried around five o'clock"... September 1897 (Émilie is in the Nièvre, at Les Maisons du Bois, near Saint-Saulge). - Account of an evening with Gegout. At the Gil Blas, he could not be paid: "I got really angry, and made a hell of a gossip without losing all composure"; he found the 350 fr. when he returned home... - "I am particularly delighted, my dear children, that you feel the good effects of the air of the fields and the woods. [...] I have a lot of work to do, Zola's poster makes it more difficult for me to establish than I had imagined at first. But it works all the same. [...] I will do an exhibition in March-April. I have already chosen La Bodinière in principle for this period. Of course I will have to work a lot, but when I am working you know that it does not scare me. I have arranged with a model, the one of the two cheeky girls you know [...] I give her 20 fr. a week to give me all her time. She comes every morning at 8:00 and every afternoon at 2:00. If I don't need her at all I send her away. Otherwise she stays in the studio reading in a corner until I need a movement or a break"... - He is invited by Mirbeau to spend a few days in Poissy. - Here and for me everything goes well, the concierge arranges perfectly my kitchen, my vegetables, I arrange my dessert. [I want and need to work and be alone. I go to bed at 9 am. I go to bed at 9:00 a.m. and get up at 5:00 a.m."... - Visit to the Louvre: "we made changes in the big gallery of paintings, so all the Rembrandts were put together, all the Velasquezes (the one who did the little girl with the funny hairdo with ribbon bows on each hair curl) together too, so that we can recognize each other much better..."... August-September 1899 (Emilie and Colette are in Saint-Aubin s/mer in the Calvados) - A morning walk in the Bois de Boulogne with Willette, who is about to get married and of whom Steinlen will be one of the witnesses. "The affair of the poster for the Journal is arranged in principle and it is Verneau who will print it... - He scolds Colette for not writing to him. - Visits from the Basler cousins... - Sends money... Summer 1900 (Emilie stays in Lausanne, with the Steinlen family, and with her family in Mulhouse). - He made eight drawings in advance for the Gil Blas: "in this respect I am safe until October". - Bicycling in the woods; lunch at Guitry's; work on Pelletan's book. - Although Pelletan's almanac is nearing its end, I am not yet finished and I am also having difficulty overcoming the black crisis that at times takes over me..." - Steps to become a naturalized citizen. - Piazza writes to me that the reductions of my drawings for postcards do not give satisfactory results, the reds become blacks, it will perhaps be necessary to give up this project, as well as the one of gathering a hundred drawings in a book that he proposed to me"; presidential invitation to the Élysée... - "no money on either side, I had made a stone - atrocious moreover - for the famous Monnier"... - "Pelletan goes out of here, my dear Émilie. He came to cheer me up and I think he did not do too badly - the fact is that I have been in a bad way these last few days. I will try to be done with him by next week and I will join you as soon as possible"... Summer 1902 (Emilie and Colette are in Carteret). - I work sometimes here, sometimes at Verneau's, sometimes on my paintings, sometimes with
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