Han RYNER. 26 autograph manuscripts signed;... - Lot 204 - Ader

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Han RYNER. 26 autograph manuscripts signed;... - Lot 204 - Ader
Han RYNER. 26 autograph manuscripts signed; about 125 pages in-4 or small in-4. Set of literary manuscripts: prefaces, literary criticism, articles, answers to inquiries. Most bear a tender dispatch from Han Ryner to his beloved daughter Georgette (1895-1975), and have erasures and corrections. Literary criticism: on Francine Klein's Posthumous Work (1933); Marc Chesneau, Song in Honor of Life (1932); The Prophet Tolstoy; Without Refuge, on André Baillon's Le perce-oreille du Luxembourg (1928); Prefaces: For Louis Rimbault; The Crossed Words of the Militant by Auguste Gorion (1933); Erasmus by Hem Day (1936); Why I am an Atheist by André Lorulot (1933); Faubourg by Imre Pérely (1934). 7 answers to inquiries, on contemporary youth, "What is culture?", "What should a young girl know?", etc. 6 articles: Franco-German; S.O.S. (1935, on Édouard Leduc); Questions de titres; L'Art de traduire; Cléricalisme et Liberté; "Why I wrote Les Orgies sur la Montagne". Poem: Agony of Flower. Plus an incomplete ms of the 1st page. Attached is Ryner's copy of a text about him by E. Gomez de Baquero, Le Sphinx Rouge; a copy of a text by him, Rêverie; 17 L.A.S. addressed to Han or Georgette Ryner or André Lefur, most of them concerning the Friends of Han Ryner, including Sébéstien Faure, André Lorulot, Léo Campion, Maria Lacerda, etc.
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