Seven tiles with Ottoman decoration, Tunisia,... - Lot 184 - Ader

Lot 184
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Seven tiles with Ottoman decoration, Tunisia,... - Lot 184 - Ader
Seven tiles with Ottoman decoration, Tunisia, Tunis, Qallaline, late 17th - 18th century Seven tiles of earthenware coating with painted decoration of a vegetable repertory of Ottoman style. A pair decorated with a large green saz leaf with the curvature underlined by a stem of blue leaves and counterbalanced by a small yellow saz leaf bordered of blue tulips; four others with decoration of floral stems dominated by the cobalt blue heightened by green and yellow on white bottom, the last one with compartmentalized decoration furnished with floral or geometrical reasons. Dim. tile : 15,3 x 15,3 cm (pair) ; 14,8 x 14,8 cm The decorative repertoire of these tiles derives from the motifs elaborated in the naqqashkhaneh or Ottoman ornamentalists' workshops. The decorative pattern with saz leaves and tulips can be seen in the Barber Mosque in Kairouan, renovated in 1681-85. The five tiles with floral decoration dominated by cobalt blue are elements of a large composition of bouquet on panel as found for example in the Palace of the Rose of Manouba built in 1798. Seven Pottery Tiles with Ottoman Pattern, Tunisia, Tunis, Qallalin, late 17th-18th century Traditional Qallalin ceramics (lots 180 to 188) - Samuel Hedri Collection (lots 174 to 212).
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