Large beylical vase, Tunisia, Nabeul, circa... - Lot 212 - Ader

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Large beylical vase, Tunisia, Nabeul, circa... - Lot 212 - Ader
Large beylical vase, Tunisia, Nabeul, circa 1930 Vase with a baluster body surmounted by a broad neck framed by two handles split into volutes. Enamelled ceramic with decoration in reserve on a green apple background of friezes and compartments decorated with plant motifs, two large epigraphic medallions spread on the top of the body. The text in Arabic reads: "Her Majesty the Queen, O owner of the crown which, in glory, has no equal. Congratulates you on the birth of Ahmed, the best of the envoys, the guide bearing good news". On the collar, two medallions decorated with the coat of arms of the Husseinite beys inscribed in their center of the name "Nabeul" in Arabic. Inscription Nabeul on the collar. Height : 52 cm Neck broken and glued with a chip. This type of vase was an offering to the ruler on the occasion of Muled, the festival honoring the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, referred to in the inscription as Ahmad, the first of his two hundred other names. Similar vases are preserved in various collections, for example the private Dar Cheraït Museum in Tozeur, which has several, including one dated 1349 / 1930. A Large Beylical Pottery Vase with Two Handles, Tunisia, Nabeul, c. 1930 The artistic pottery of Nabeul: varia (lots 210 to 212) - Samuel Hedri Collection (lots 174 to 212).
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