Harry KRAMER (1925-1997) Doll on a wheel,... - Lot 83 - Ader

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Harry KRAMER (1925-1997) Doll on a wheel,... - Lot 83 - Ader
Harry KRAMER (1925-1997) Doll on a wheel, circa 1955 36,5 x 21 x 36 cm Provenance: Hommage à Christian d'Orgeix sale, Mes Chayette et Cheval, Hôtel Drout, Paris, November 12, 2012, no. 94. This work belongs to Harry Kramer's Théâtre mécanique, cf. his Char Miro. Mechanical Theater 1956-58, collection Stadt Museum, Munich. Harry Kramer is a German sculptor, director and dancer. He began "his first plastic and kinetic experiments by making the characters of a mechanical theater, a show in thirteen scenes shown for the first time in 1955 in Berlin. Thereafter, he [often] introduces an engine in his animations, and in particular in his automobile structures undertaken from his installation in Paris 1956, works influenced by the approach of Tinguely, accentuating the derisory side of the mechanized universe. However his works are very personal in their form, in that already by their dimensions, it seems that one deals with kinetic objects taken out of the delicate hands of patients lilliputians; all the elements, spheres, columns, pyramids, are built out of wire mesh, like a spider's web out of light metal of a great meticulousness, and are animated of very diverse and often comic movements by the play of small pulleys and tiny belts of transmission, the rattling which results from it being often accompanied by noises of bells " (E. Bénézit, Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs, Paris, Librairie Gründ, 1976, p. 305).
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