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ABC of the little girls. 8th Series. Imagerie... - Lot 4 - Ader
ABC of the little girls. 8th Series. Imagerie Pellerin. Epinal. [Circa 1910]. In-8 (21 x 14,5 cm). (32) pp. : stenciled paper covers, a little girl with basket and doll in her arms, in an Art Nouveau frame, on the first one, serial frames on the second one. Fifteen mid-page stenciled illustrations with text at the foot, mostly related to a defect. Attached: - ABC of little girls. Popular series. Imagerie d'Epinal founded in 1796. [Around 1895]. In-8 (20,5 x 14,7 cm). (8) pp. : covers of strong paper lithographed in black and colored with stencil. Sent by a "Mother Alice to Peter" on the first cover. - ABCD of the little boys. Children's library-Series A. Chromo.-litho. de Pellerin, imp.-édit. Epinal. [1874]. In-12 (17 x 10,2 cm). (12) pp. : lithographed paper covers in colors, publisher's catalog on the second. - ABC of fairy tales. Riquet à la houppe. Imagerie d'Epinal. Pellerin & Cie, imps-edits. [Around 1900]. In-12 (17 x 11 cm). (16) pp. : paper covers, the first one illustrated and colored with stencil, titles of the series on the second one. - Alphabet of Mr. Bébé. Librairie parisienne enfantine. [Circa 1875]. Impr : L. Van Leer & Cie. Haarlem (Holland). In-12 (18,3 x 10,5 cm). 8 pp : lithographed paper covers in colors. - Funny alphabet for little girls. Green series. Imagerie de Pont-à-Mousson, Marcel Vagné, Printer-Publisher. [Circa 1890]. In-12 (19,4 x 13,7 cm). (12) pp. : paper covers, stenciled in a green frame, a mistress with glasses, yards in the back, reading an ABC, on the first. - Funny alphabet. Pink series. Imagerie de Pont-à-Mousson. Marcel Vagné and his sons, Printers-Publishers. [Around 1900]. In-12 (20 x 13,5 cm). (12) pp. : paper covers illustrated in colors in a pink frame. Set of seven imagery primers. Four in perfect condition, small crack at the head of the Funny Alphabet for Little Girls and on the outer edge of the cover of Riquet à la houppe, crack on the spine of the Funny Alphabet.
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