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Historical alphabet. Illustrated children's... - Lot 45 - Ader
Historical alphabet. Illustrated children's bookshop. Guérin-Müller & Cie, Editors, A. Capendu, Succr. 1, Place de l'Hôtel-de-ville. Paris. [About 1880]. In-4 (27 x 23,3 cm). (12) ff. printed on one side : covers of fine soft cardboard, grey background, goddess carrying a branch in one hand and "Honneur et Patrie" in the other, above national heroes, on the first one, extract from the publisher's catalog for the year 1881 on the second one. Primer of the great men and battles of the history of France. Plates in chromolithographs and historical explanations, in light blue typography, opposite. Four chromolithographs per plate associated with four orange initials, six for the last one: Ulm, Vercingetorix, Waterloo, Ypres and Zurich. From A, Auerstaedt [Battle won on October 14, 1806 by General Davout over the Prussians], B, Bouvines, C, Charlemagne, D, Denain, E, Eylau, etc. Minimal and faint foxing on the covers, crease on one corner. Attached three military alphabets : - Alphabet of the little soldier. I like to read. Imageries réunis de Jarville. Nancy. [Circa 1910]. In-8 (24,2 x 16,3 cm). (12) pp : paper covers, the first one illustrated with four soldiers. Imagery booklet illustrated with five plates of soldiers in costumes lithographed in color, including a central double plate. The plates are signed Jacarrière. - Military alphabet. My favorite books. [Epinal. ca. 1900]. In-12 (20,2 x 14 cm). (12) pp. including paper covers, the first one illustrated in colors, three soldiers, the one in the center carrying the French flag. - Alphabet. Maison M. Brodard. 9, rue des Étuves. Montpellier. [Circa 1918]. In-12 (18.5 x 12.2 cm). 8 pp: paper covers, the first one stenciled in color, a soldier holding a flag and thrusting his bayonet into the body of a German soldier. Primer on the Great War. Imagery booklet with two double ABC plates illustrated in color representing the major themes and characters of the conflict: F for Foch, J for Joffre, K for Krupp... Ypres and Zeppelin complete the plates (no W). The last three books in perfect condition.
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